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The notch menu will only contain information if a notch has been selected in the waterfall


In this instance we have set notches in the waterfall at 1199 Hz, 1462 Hz, 1971 Hz and 826 Hz as depicted in the waterfall below


The order in which the notches appear in the menu, are the order in which the user selected them in the waterfall.  As you can see, the notches do a pretty good job of filtering out an adjacent signal with the exception of the notch at 826 Hz.  This station was over driving so badly that even widening the notch did not remove this offensive signal.

To remove a notch when it is no longer needed, click the notch frequency from the Notch menu and it will be removed.

Notches are set by right clicking in the waterfall and selecting notch at the frequency in the waterfall where the offending signal is.

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