As this website continues to develop, this section will offer up specific content devoted to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR).  Eventually, there will be a section to allow users to load up and exchange code plugs for different areas of the country.

I am offering up a small utility for DMR users that will allow you to filter the Repeater and User Database that is available at the DMR_MARC web site.  With this utility, you can export the filtered data to a common CSV (Comma Separated Value) file that can easily be imported into your favorite spreadsheet program.  You can also cut and paste the data directly into your programming software to expand your Contact or Repeater list.

Windows Only Application

Download the DMR Utility Here.  This setup file is a self extracting installer and will create the necessary short cut on your desktop.  The first run of the program will require a few moments to retrieve the raw data and process it into the local database.  Make sure you read the accompanying help/readme file which can be accessed via the help menu in the program.  The Program is for Windows only and is built using the .NET Framework.

Platform Independent Applicaiton

A Java build of the DMR Utility is also available that is platform independent and will run on Linux, Mac, and Windows.  The setup file is rather large as I must included a number of Java libraries that are not included in the standard Java Run-time.  To install this application, unzip the downloaded archive into a folder of you choice.  

To run this on a Windows platform, double click the DMRUtility.jar file.  If the Java run-time is correctly setup, it should launch correctly.  You can create a desktop short-cut to this file to make it easier to to launch in the future.

To run this on Linux or Mac, you must first change the permissions of the startdmr file so that it is executable.  You can then double click this file in your File Manager to launch it.

To run this utility from the command line, type the following at the prompt:

                     java -jar DMRUtiity.jar

Download the Java Setup file here:

Download the Java Update here: