PSK Express, my replacement for YGPSK is now available for download and testing.

SE Version (Now includes support for EXTFSK)

Download the SE Version Install File-- includes all the installation and support files for Version

Download the SE Version Update File-- includes only the updates for Version 

To run this software you will need to make sure you have the .NET support libraries installed on your machine. You can check that by looking at the Add/Remove programs in the control panel. If you need the files you can get the installation package from:

Microsoft .NET 4.5.2 Download

Once you have installed this, run your updater to make sure you get the latest security updates. Once you are done, you should be updated to version 3.5 SP1. The minimum requirement to run this software is version 2.0.

This software, unlike YGPSK is multi-mode and will allow you to use PSK, RTTY or MFSK at various speeds. The basic look and feel is similar to YGPSK so if you are experienced with YGPSK, this should be a snap. The README file is a PDF file and can be accessed from the Help menu at any time.

The logging function is also different from YGPSK. I am using a free version of SQL Lite, a really neat and powerfully database that does not require you to install a database server such as MySQl or SQL Server. I’ve also included the SQLite administrator software in case you want to tinker with the databases that are created.

Give it a try and tell me what you think. This will be an ongoing development project in parallel with the development of the updated PropNET software. So things may be a little slow from time to time.





View the help file