If you have ever had a need for a quick and simple Temperature Converter, here is the gadget you can load and let ride on your desktop.  It is not a true Windows Gadget as I could not justify the additional hundred lines of XML code for a program that only required a few line of code.  It is a border-less form with rounded corners so you do not see the tradition Windows decoration bar, but you can bring up the floating menu with a right click of the mouse.

Moving the form anywhere on your screen is just a matter of clicking on the form and dragging it where you want while holding down the left mouse button.  Form settings and your Kelvin selection are saved in the registry for retrieval on the next launch.

For the real Geeks out there, you can also display Kelvin and Rankin formats. To display Kelvin and Rankin, right click the form and select Show Kelvin.

This project actually morphed out of a teaching demonstration I did for a friend who is trying to convert from an earlier version of Visual Basic over to Visual Studio.

Download Temperature Converter 1.1