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The logbook window display the complete log in a tabular format much like a spread sheet.  This window is quite powerful as it allows the user to edit any field and update the log with those changes.

The menu toolbar contain navigation buttons, a button to add a contact at the end of the table, a button to delete a line of information, an update button and a button to export the complete table to a CSV file

logbook menubar

Editing - To edit an individual piece of information simply click on the cell you want to edit and type in the new information.  When you have finished all your edits, press the Update button to commit those changes back to the log table.

When Editing the date-time field, make sure you maintain the required date format of YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm.  Failure to maintain this format will result in unexpected problem exporting the log to ADIF format.

When editing the Band,. Mode or Country, make sure that the data you change is an item that is in the drop down list for those fields.  Incorrect entries in these fields will result in unexpected problems exporting the log to ADIF format.

The logbook display can be filtered to make editing easier.

filered logbook

To filter a log, click the Filter button to turn on the filter and enable the filter definitions.  The filter is defined by the filter text and the filter column.  Type the text you want to filter by into the Filter Text box, then select the column you want to filter on.

The text that you type into the Filter Text box is considered to have wildcards attached to the front and back of the text so keep that in mind when deleting the text you want to filter.

To delete a line of information, simply click on the navigation column to the left of the date the press the delete button on the toolbar.

To add an addition record, click the Add button on the Tool Bar.  A new empty line will be added to the end of the table and the cursor will be positioned in the first column.  From there you can enter the appropriate information.

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