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Download the YL System User Utility





Windows Installation:

Download the installation file and run it.  It will automatically install the program and run it. The initial first run may take up to a minute to display as it must download the necessary data files.


Mac/Linux Installation:

Download the ZIP file archive from the link above.

It is a rather large archive as I have to distribute a number of Java packages that are not normally installed on a users computer.

Make sure that you have some version of Java 1.8 installed.  Open a Terminal (command line) window and at the prompt type java -version.  If you do not get some build of 1.8, then you will need to update your Java before you do anything else.

Extract the archive into a folder of your choice under your HOME folder.

Open a terminal and CD into that folder you created.  There is a file called that is the bash script to run the program.  You will need to make that executable.  At the prompt type chmod 755

You can setup a desktop launcher to this file to launch it.

For the first run, just to make sure we don't get any exception errors, start it from the command line.  Type ./ or java -jar YLISSB.jar

The first run will take 30 - 60 seconds to download all the necessary data files and setup the database.