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The Options Menu and their short cuts provide the user with several commands to control what happens in the software

TX and RX will toggle the program between transmit and receive.In addition to the shortcut keys, the user can also click the TX/RX indicator in the Status Bar.


When selecting RX, the program will return to receive mode after all characters in teh transmit buffer have been sent.

Selecting Abort will immediately abort any transmission in progress, return to receive mode,  and clear all remaining characters that are still in the transmit buffer.

Update Solar Forecast will update the solar forecast number that are displayed on the main screen.  This function has a timeout of 8 seconds so as not to lock the program if it is unable to find the NASA web site or other internet anomalies occur.

If the waterfall goes completely red or other color for some unknown reason, the Resync Waterfall can be used to restart the waterfall back to normal.  This usually occurs if the program stalls for some unknown reason and the waterfall timing gets out of sync with the main program.

The default RTTY shift is 170 Hz, but you can select from any of the following: 85, 170, 183, 200, 425, 450 or 850 Hz.

Send DX Spot will be enabled anytime the DXCluster window is displayed and allows the operator to spot the current call that is in the log.

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