Auto CQ
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CQ Interval:  The is the time interval in seconds between Auto CQ transmissions

Macro Number:  The user defined macro you want to send.  The first macro is number 0.

Alert Type:  Select how you would like to be alerted if someone responds to your CQ.     

·    None - no alerts will happen
·    Wave - play the .wav file selected in the Wave File Selection Box
·    Message Box - display a message box with the call of the individual responding to your CQ
·    COM Port - Raises the selected COM port lines, RTS and or DTR to trigger an external device (requires user interfacing)
·    Beep Speaker - plays a notification from the computers internal speaker

Port Setup:  Will be enabled if COM Port is selected in the Alert Type.  Select the COM Port and lines you will use for triggering an external device.

Wave File Location:  Use the browse button to select a wave file to be used for notification.

Test Button:  Used to test your alert specific selection.  It is most useful for testing COM port triggering and wave files.

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