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PSK Express is a full function Amateur Radio Digital Terminal Program for sending and receiving PSK, RTTY, and MFSK.  It will also send CW transmissions, but will not decode CW.  It Includes the following features:

·    PSK31, PSK63, PSK125
·    MFSK8, MFSK16
·    RTTY - selectable speed
·    Rig Control - via Hamnlib
·    AutoCQ
·    Logging with import and export for ADIF
·    Freeware SQL database Engine (SQLite)
·    DXCluster
·    4 Sub receive channels
·    4 band pass filters
·    user defined notch filters
·    30 user defined macros
·    Floating log for logging of additional club stations
·    Awards processing for ARRL and TenTen
·    Auto look up of call signs
·    user update of solar forecast
·    links to PropNET Propagation site
·    beam heading and distance

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