Getting Started
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How to obtain the software

The software is obtained at the N7YG Web Site under the software heading. The setup file will install all the required elements of the software package.  The update file will only install the update releases as the external and support files normally do not change.

Minimum Requirements:

·    Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
·    Latest Updates
·    Microsoft .NET Libraries (Installed through the normal update process)
·    512mb memory
·    1GHZ processor
·    30mb had drive space
·    1024 x 768 Monitor Resolution with 65K colors (1280 x 1024 is recommended)

Installing the software:

The setup and update files are self installing files.  It is advisable to select all the default options as this will ensure a proper installation and create the correct short-cuts on your computer.  If you elect to install in something other than the default folder, you may have to edit your short-cuts so they function correctly.

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