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New Database - The selection will create a new database file.  These files will normally end with an extension of .s3db.  If you have installed the SQLite Administrator program, this file extension will be registered to that application. The initial folder will be your MyDocuments folder, but you are free to store them anywhere on your computer as the complete path name of the current database is stored in the configuration file.  It is recommended that you create a special folder to hold all your database files. When providing a name for this database, use something that is descriptive.

Open Database - Open an existing database file.  The initial folder will be the last folder that was open.

Backup Database - use this selection to make a backup copy of the current database to another location on your computer such as a CD,DVD, thumb drive or networked drive.

New Log - Creates a new, empty log table in the current database and makes that the active log.

Open Log - Opens an existing log from the pop-up list of available logs in the current database and makes that the active log.

Remove Log - Completely removes the table, it's definitions, all data and all indexes associated with that log name.

Import - Allows the user to import existing log information from other logging programs.  The files must be formatted in either ADIF or a log created with the YGPSK, a previous program from this developer.  All imported contacts will be appended to the end of the current log without regard to existing contacts -- in other word, there will be no checking for duplicate contacts.

Export - Export the current log to an ADIF file.  You can export the compete log, or a portion of the log based upon the contact date.  This is great if you are exporting contacts to upload to EQSL or LOTW.

Clear Current Log - WARNING: This is destructive and will clear all contacts from the current selected log.

Update Datafile - This selection will pull a file from the authors website with updated 1010, VP, EPC and 070 infromation. This file is usually updated approximately every two weeks.

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